Riffmasterpro Learn to Play Guitar

“Learn to Play Guitar”

“Build and maintain Amazing speed of Any solo or riff”

“Discover the Magic of Playing By Ear”

Guitar Lessons are more easiest ways!

Imagine this…

You have Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton or Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson,David Gilmour, Jimmy Page or Kirk Hammett (or any other famous guitarist you care to mention) in front of you…well you can with Riffmasterpro slowdown music app. You can have them play any of their Solo’s and Riffs for You, Slowly,Note-for-note so you can play along with them. Who would you begin with… Which song would you choose first…Fade to black… A Whole Lotta love… Sweet Child of Mine…Purple Haze… so many to choose from. Slow down music and slow down mp3′s

Instantly Play Any Riff, solo or song of Any Player RiffmasterPro 4 slowdown music app is released – Better, Stronger, Faster

In just 27 seconds from now you can have any rock star’s riffs slowed way down so you can jam with Page, Clapton, Hendrix, Satriani, Vai, Malmsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and even Robert Johnson if you like… Yes you can even resurrect the dead and bring ‘em back from the crossroads with this amazing device. Yes, right now on your computer. Which means you can Put RiffmasterPro slowdown music app for Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad to work and be a better Guitarist today!

RiffMaster allows you to load a recording from your computer files or from a CD, and select any speed, up to 75% slower or faster, at which you’d like to listen to it, or to work with any portion of it.  You can then, if you wish, save your selection as a new music file at the new speed.  This function does not change the pitch of the music.

One nice feature for working with RiffMaster is that you can simply click and drag to highlight a portion of the musical track, and the software will automatically repeat that section for you to work with.

This is a good idea to learn to play guitar like a pro.

The benefits of slowing music down are obvious:  to better learn, transcribe, or analyze the playing of a performer.  The benefits of speeding up a selection are less obvious, but there are uses.  For example, since you can save the file at your chosen speed, a dance teacher might choose the perfect tempo for future use. So u can practice this guitar lessons in your rooms!

The look and feel of the software is friendly and clean.  The sound file is presented graphically as a horizontal image of sound waves, allowing you to click anywhere within the selection to start listening there.  Loading time for music is fairly quick and each selection is added to a play list on screen so you can easily return to any previous track unless you choose to delete it from your list.

When you have the incredible Riffmaster Pro 4 software For Windows and Mac OS X and iPhone / iPad

You will have the Power to:

  • Master ANY Guitar solo faster than ever before
  • Master Any Guitar Riff faster ever before
  • Master the Chords To Any Song faster than ever before
  • Build and maintain Amazing speed of Any solo or riff
  • Master difficult phrasing like never before
  • Master any guitar solo, lick or riff Note for Note.
  • Learn the lyrics to Any song quickly
  • Discover the Magic of “Playing By Ear”
  • Learn any song Fast
  • Transcribe music of any song FAST
  • The Perfect Speed & Ear Training tool for all musicians beginners to advanced

Check out Riffmasterpro !

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