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Instantly Watch Full Length Free Movies

Fullmovies.com brings the largest collection of classic films and more at one’s fingertips, all downloadable and available for viewing at any time. It doesn’t matter how many movies a person intends to watch or plans to keep as he can get all his favorites and several others through this unlimited service.

  • 100% legal – we are not a p2p service
  • unlimited access for a one time fee – never again pay for each movie!
  • all-in-one membership – receive full access to our movie database
  • user-friendly hassle free quick stream
  • no additional hardware required – watch!

Use FullMovies on ANY of your computers…
Watch full-length movies on your home PC, work PC, your laptop, etc. at no extra cost!

Get into this now !

What sets it apart from other similar sites is its fast download capability. A full length movie can be done in 10 to 30 minutes on the average, with the typical Internet connectivity at homes. This is a far cry from the amount of time it takes to download films via P2P file sharing which can take hours. Not to mention that this method is most likely illegal as the source may not be licensed to distribute the movie.

Both the operations of Freemovies and all of its content are legal so a person doesn’t have anything to worry about except deciding which film to watch first. It is not at all a P2P service. What’s even better, apart from unlimited full movies downloading and streaming, is that members get to keep the files permanently for as long as these are for one’s personal enjoyment.

Can’t get enough of the movies
As a membership site, FullMovies.com offers the possibility to watch unlimited movies while not charging monthly bills or subscriptions. A one-time fee is all it takes to get full access to its extensive database of films anywhere a person wishes to watch. Its library of classic movies alone numbers 5,629 but this figure goes up each day as it continues to grow its collection. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that by the time one visits the site to sign up the list has expanded further.

The films can be downloaded directly to a PC or mobile device. But today these are already available on Android and all the tablets as well as in the iPad and iPhone. A person can enjoy the movies on his preferred device and carry them with him wherever he goes. The site also promotes ease of use and does not require an extra software to download the films.

Over 65,000 members are currently enjoying full films on FullMovies from various genres and not just clips or features, all without bandwidth or time limits nor any restrictions in downloading. The videos are clear and have good quality and can easily be accessed by anyone, even without computer experience. The automatic set up should take no more than three minutes.

Signing up is quite simple. One would just need to register and provide basic information like email address and payment details to get instant access to the movies. Choose a plan that suits one’s budget then log in to watch movies 24/7. Considering a one year unlimited access, It seems valuable since the program costs about the price of a few tickets to the cinema.


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