Jamorama – Guitar Lessons

The Most Advanced Guitar Lessons System Ever Created

Learn to play guitar with Jamorama! Jamorama is a collection of downloadable eBooks, games and video/audio files that comes with membership and a required fee. The eBooks include detailed and in-depth pictures and exercises with icons that inform you if there is an audio or video recording that goes along with the particular guitar lesson. The well-designed games cover chord identification, sight-reading and pitch recognition.

Jamorama’s website is full of information and special offers which make it a bit ungainly and difficult to navigate. The website, all condensed into one unreasonably long page, gives you more and more information and additional offers to the point of exhaustion. The product is worth taking a look at, but the long and dull website undermines its credibility.

Jamorama lacks an animated fretboard, the ability to record performance, repetition looping, performance feedback and music tracking. Jamorama only offers email support for customer inquiries, but they are quick to respond and helpful. Unfortunately, you cannot access any of the material from the members section until you download some of the content to your computer.

We found the Jamorama material to include amusing and entertaining games and lessons for the beginning player, but lacking in advanced features for musicians that may want to record their own arrangements. If you’re looking for a guitar lesson software package that allows you to download lessons from your own home, Jamorama could be the product for you.

I’m here to tell you about a revolutionary new method for quickly and easily learning to play guitar that changed my life. It has brought me every success I’ve ever had as a guitarist. Sold out shows. Respect from fellow musicians. A thriving guitar school. And a job – doing what I love – that has taken me all around the world.

And it all began when I stumbled across a set of simple learning techniques that enable me to program my hands to play literally anything I want.

The Most Advanced Learn Guitar System Ever Created

Now just imagine what it would be like if you could take any tricky chord and ‘program’ in your hands how to play it in just a few minutes.

Pretty cool, right?

Now take it one step further. Imagine you could take whole sets of tricky chords and ingrain them deep in your subconscious mind. So they would be ready to play perfectly. Anytime you wished to call them up.

All of this using a quick and simple technique.

Or take it further still. Imagine you could use this one simple trick to learn not only chords, but whole sets of scales, strums, riffs, licks, songs – you name it! All instilled in your pre-motor cortex. Ready to activate your hands and fingers to play them flawlessly as and when you wished.

Now keep reading. Because I’m going to show you how to do just that.



  • 84 Step-by-step Guitar Lessons (supported by video and audio files) organized across three high quality books.
  • 54 professionally recorded and edited high-quality video lessons.
  • Discover how you can train your ear to identify all the various guitar chords.
  • Play along with a band.
  • Secrets to maximize your guitar practice time.
  • Play with exceptional speed and timing by using our cutting edge Metronome.
  • Watch as musical notes fly across the screen and do your best to identify them the Jayde Musica Pro.

System Requirements:


  • Win98 and Above
  • Internet Connection

Here’s what you get when you order your Jamorama Membership

Inside you will find:

  • Exclusive monthly membership to the Jamorama site. This gives you unlimited 24/7 access to all of my courses, plus any new ones I add.
  • A complete series of beginner lessons based on my unique learning method, that take you from absolute beginner to mastering all the chords, strums and tricks you need to play literally hundreds of thousands of songs. All within 10 weeks of starting learning.
  • A complete course on building speed into your playing using one devastatingly simple trick that will blow your mind!
  • A guitar workout series based on my teaching methods that will take any guitarist to a completely new level!
  • Plus, the exciting free bonuses:
    • Bonus #1 – GuitEarIt Ear training game
    • Bonus #2 – Jayde Musica Music reading game
    • Bonus #3 – Guitar Tuner Pro Guitar tuning software
    • Bonus #4 – Jamorama Metronome Ear training software
  • An unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

Check out Jamorama.com – Guitar Lessons!

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