wow addon guide manaview

wow addon guide manaview

Since the launch of the World of Warcraft, the Manaview team has very hard worked to create quality3 addons that provide immense value to wow players. In the last year alone Manaview team havedeveloped 3 new addons:
Tycoon, Edge, and Impulse
. That is along with the first ever in gameleveling guide; Manaview Booster
 Priced separately, these products are perfect!. You can level a charactet to 85 in a little over 4 daysplayed, make up to 30,000g a day and learn the absolute best strategies your class, and become a prokeybinder from the ground up.
Normally you’d buy these
  WoW addons one at a time for a total price of $168. But right now you canget one comprehensive product
 the Manaview WoW Addon Suite
 for $127, a savings of $41(almost 3 months of WarCraft and 25%.
But I thought we’d put together manaview all in on
e suit review that covers all these products. As aspecial experiment since my guild is pretty much done with Firelands content and I have got some time on my hands; I thought I’d start a completely new WoW character on a new server to conduct a real test of the Manaview all in one extreme Suite.
Here is the rules I set for myself: I’d play a class I didn not know very well , started at level 1 on a new
server with no heirlooms, no guild, no gold; nothing to help me along whatsoever.Basically I wanted to answer those questions:+How long does it take to get to 85 with Booster and no XP boost?+ How much gold can I make along the way with Tycoon?+Can I really learn to play [and maybe enjoy] a mage in dungeons and PVP with Edge?+ And can I learn the optimal keybinds for that mage with Impulse?That was a couple months ago, and I am happy to say I have completed the experiment.. So how did it go??
wow addon guide

wow addon guide


Manaview Booster
 (Can you really get to 85 in 4 days played with no heirlooms? My final time ended up being 4 days, 4 hours, and 52 minutes played since I started the character.That wasnt just spent leveling, so keep that in mind.. I also had some time in the Auction House and in dungeons and battle grounds as I leveled up.Manaview Booster is still pretty flawless at leading you through the best possible quests, though I dokinda wish there was a way to automatically jump forward a bit in the guide, if I gained a couple levelsfrom a dungeon or something. Still, I am almost certain I could cut that down to 4 days played or evenless if all I did was quest according to the guide.
wow addon guide
Manaview Tycoon
 (Can u really make 30,000g in one day?)I lucked out in randomly choosing a server, because I got one with a pretty crazy economy. I made aton of gold off of Copper Ore right off the bat. I took Mining and Herbalism and used the Gatheringmodule in Tycoon so I could see any close node spawns while I was leveling. I think by the time I waslevel 20 I already had 5,000 gold.It took me a while to get up to where I was making gold consistently every day. At least more than1,000g per day. Once you get into Outlands, those materials sell pretty well. High~end Azeroth stuff
too. I almost wish I’d taken Enchanting so I could cash in on the disenchant mats, but I think I would’ve
 wasted some gold leveling it.Did I make 30,000 g in one day? No. 😦 The most I made in one day was about 7k. But I was alsoleveling and learning a new class while I did it. I didn not want to skew the Booster numbers, so I didnnot spent too much time actively gathering. So for what little I was able to put in? I’d say the 45k I have
got on my mage in total right now is pretty damn good.
Yeah. I know. I am a melee player at heart and
I probably always will be. Casting just doesn’t feel avisceral for me. But with this mage, I knew I wanted to give it a good, honest try. I wanted to be able totop DPS meters in dungeons and hold my own in PVP.
Quite frankly, I couldn’t have done that without Edge. This addon was a godsend, seriously. It handedme the specs I needed for dungeons (arcane) and PVP (frost) and told me how to play them. It took mesome time to get the hang of it, and I know in PVP especially I screwed up the strategy at the beginning, but I’m confident in saying I’m not a complete noob anymore.I have only taken my mage into one raid, and unfortunately we did not get too far since people had to
leave. But I was up in the top 5 for DPS in a 25 man, and my gear isn’t all that
great. As for heroics, Ihave gotten to where I can pretty much bust up any chart unless there is a heroic raid geared hunter or another mage in there. I can not say I am a PVP superstar yet, but I think that’s a me problem, not an
Edge problem
Manaview Impulse
 (Can the right keybinds make a dramatic difference in gameplay?)
This one is hard to document because I used Impulse from the very beginning to learn the “right way.”
If I try to go back to clicking now, I just can not do it. I feel like I am faster because of
it. I don’t thinkI’d stand a chance in PVP if I was trying to click abilities that weren’t familiar to me.
 I mean, imagine me standing there reading the tooltip on something while some rogue comes up andshivs me from behind.I started playing on an arena team with a couple friends I made on the server. I don’t have a lot ofresilience yet, so I admit I can die pretty quick. But when there’s a clicker on the other team? It doesn’t
seem to matter how crappy my gear is. I can outclass them and maneuver a hell of a lot faster than theycan.So all in all? I think my experiment was a HUGE success. I still love melee, but I am pretty happy withmy shiny new mage, considering I started at such a disadvantage. All of that was made up in no time using the Manaview products.Here is the kicker, too: I bought all of these addons separately. I think I even paid a little more forBooster, since it is currently a pretty low price on its own. Can you imagine saving 25% on all of these products? It is a serious steal.I mean, for a little over $ 100 you can load up your account with powerhouse characters and tons of
gold. You just can’t beat that. If you’re serious about improving your WoW experience, you NEED to
pick up the Manaview World of Warcraft Addon Suite today before this offer is gone.

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